3.1 General description, history, and key data of the administrative system

The administrative system of Estonia has been developing parallel to the political system. Some of the structures were/are inherited from the Soviet administrative system, while others were restituted from the period of pre-WW independent Republic. At present, the administrative system has three and half levels:
  • National level with state chancellery, ministries, executive agencies and inspectorates and other governmental agencies
  • Regional level, which is administered either on:
    • district level (i.e. within the borders of districts covering more than one county) - most often 4-6 districts are formed, or on
    • county level - there are 15 counties in Estonia,
depending on the particular administrative field.
  • Local level - the administrative apparatus of 227 local governments.
The district level is the uncoordinated result of recent developments in the administrative system aimed at more economic and professional administration and public services.