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European Glossary

The European Glossary was elaborated jointly by the Project Partners. The intention was to provide a list of terms relevant for spatial planning and development at the European level which each Project Partner might refer to when mentioning such "European terms" in their respective national glossary.

The European terms were assorted into seven thematic 'groups' in order to make it easier to understand their role in the field of European spatial development. You may search for a term

a) by selecting at left one of the seven thematic 'groups' and within the selected thematic 'group' from the given thematic list of terms, or

b) by selecting the initial letter of searched term from the alphabetical list above


The whole European glossary is also available for download in two file types:

Additionally an overview of all linkages between the European Glossary and all National Glossaries (pdf, 168 KB) can be downloaded.

Sources and Links

The more than 120 terms were mainly drawn from a range of sources and links listed below.

  Used sources:

European Spatial Development Perspective - Towards Balanced and Sustainable Development of the Territory of the EU, sections: "Introduction" and "Contents", p. 26
ESDP 1999.pdf (7.7 MB)

CEMAT Glossary of key expressions used in spatial development policies in Europe; 14 CEMAT (2006) 6,
Strasbourg 24 January 2007, p.4
CEMAT Glossary Jan 24th 2007.pdf (163 KB)

European Commission 1997: EU Compendium of spatial planning sytems and policies, No. 28, p. 51
EU compendium No 28 of 1997.pdf (12.8 MB)

ESPON Project 1.1.1 "Potentials for polycentric development in Europe", Final Report, p. 24
ESPON report 1.1.1 complete.pdf (33.1 MB)


  Supporting links:

European Spatial Development Perspective. Drawn from Portal Site of the European Union "EUROPA" (, "summaries of legislation" site, 17.04.07

European Commission Website > EuropeAid  > Programmes and Projects (, 17.04.2007

Vasab 2010 Website (, 17.04.2007 

Europe Website (, 17.04.2007

European Spatial Planning Observation Network (ESPON) Website ( , 17.04.2007

European Spatial Planning Research & Observation Network (ESPRID) website (, 17.04.2007

Baltic Sea Region website (, 17.04.2007

Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) website (, 17.04.2007