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National Glossaries

Here you can find the national glossaries elaborated by COMMIN partner institutions from all 11 BSR countries.


Glossaries/ terms per country 

By clicking on a flag or country name, you will be given an overview of all national terms (in national language and its English translation) provided by the country you chose.

By selecting a term within the overview of national terms you will be provided with a definition in national as well as in English language.

Furthermore, a pdf-file of each national glossary (terms and definitions) is available for download. 


Terms of all 11 countries 

By selecting a letter of the above given alphabetical overview (a-z) list, you will be provided with a list of all terms from all 11 BSR countries, starting in its English translation with the chosen letter. Also the origin (the national Glossary it can be found in) is diplayed in brackets.

By choosing a single term from the list, you will be guided directly to the term in the respective national glossary, showing also the term in national language as well as the definition in the respective national language and in English.    


        Enjoy to explore the glossaries of spatial planning terms from 11 BSR countries!