Final Conference in Berlin, April 26th-27th 2007

    Agenda Day 1
    Agenda Day 2


Welcoming address
Karin Roth
Parliamentary Secretary of State, Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development

Welcoming address
Dr. Dirk Ahner
Director General DG Regio

Welcome and opening of conference
Dr. Evelyn Gustedt
Academy for Spatial Research and Planning, ARL (Lead Partner)


     1st Session: COMMIN - overall context, theoretical assumptions and practical implementation

European spatial policy and regionalised approaches
Dr. Kai B÷hme
ESPON Coordination Unit

COMMIN - Integrated philosophy and practical implications
Dr. Evelyn Gustedt
Academy for Spatial Research and Planning, ARL


     2nd Session: Project achievements under discussion

Towards a COMMIN terminology
Prof. Dr. Marek Dutkowski / Prof. Dr. Dietrich Henckel / Mervi Ilmonen
University of Szczecin / Technical University of Berlin / Helsinki University of Technology

Training sessions: Methodology, implementation and findings
Susan Brockett
Nordic Centre for Spatial Development (Nordregio)

Knowledge generation and transfer
Angelika Pauli / Dr. Jacek Zaucha
Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning / VASAB 2010 Secretariat


     3rd Session: Key points in future spatial development and implementation

Key concepts of spatial planning in intercultural perspective
Prof. Dr. Peter Ache
Helsinki University of Technology

Concluding Discussion
Facilitator: Prof. Dr. August E. R°snes
Agricultural University of Norway



Dinner: Welcoming Speech
Hella Dunger-L÷per
State Secretary for Building and Housing, Berlin

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