Thematic Workshops

"How to use COMMIN knowledge in future transnational projects?"

The second day of the conference started out with 4 parallel thematic workshops dealing with the question "How to use COMMIN knowledge in future transnational projects?".

In this section, you can find information about the 4 workshops such as the input statements held as a "kick-off" occasion an partly the most important results.

The participants split up in 4 workshop groups each dealing with a certain issue. The workshop themes (101 KB) were:

WS 1: "Connectivity, cohesion and legitimacy in cross-border contexts" - Input statement WS 1 (825 KB)

WS 2: "Promotion of innovations and knowledge transfer" - Input statement WS 2 (40 KB)

WS 3: "Involvement of public and private stakeholders"

WS 4: "Project management and complexity reduction" - Input statement WS 4 (256 KB), Results WS 4 (1.11 MB)