What is COMMIN?
COMMIN is a transnational project within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) INTERREG III programme. It works towards a common understanding of spatial development and spatial planning in the Baltic Sea Region. It aims to improve transnational experience exchange and to make transnational communication more efficient.

COMMIN is the acronym for "Promoting Spatial Development by Creating COMmon MINdscapes" and could be complemented by "about Spatial Development and Planning".

The concept "Mindscapes" is derived from "mind" and "landscape". It stands for "idea" or "understanding" of what in the individual countries is to be understood under spatial development and planning and how they work each time.

"Above all, COMMIN wants to create a basis for a common understanding and communication

which will be generally accessible and delivered to specific target groups,

to qualify actors on issues related to spatial planning and development

which are important for transnational cooperation and solving of problems,

and making best practices and innovative approaches available for policy use."