Central objectives of COMMIN

  • Improvement of mutual understanding
  • Minimizing previous problems caused by misunderstanding in terms of terminology etc.
  • Create a common basis of knowledge for the training of future planners and regional developers in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Enabling transnational partners for effective communication
  • Facilitating future transnational projects and investments/ make communication in transnational and cross-border projects more efficient
  • Training of professionals/ qualify actors for transnational projects and activities
  • Making experience available/ create a basis of information for everybody who is interested in the Baltic Sea Region and thus make the matter of spatial planning and regional development generally known
  • Policy transfer and promotion of innovative approaches/ bring spatial issues on the political platform to cause long-term effects of the project

The project forms a complex attempt to promote the approach of comprehensive spatial planning and development and mutual understanding in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

COMMIN aims at facilitating future transnational projects and investments activities in the BSR at all horizontal levels by creating for the first time a reliable linguistic basis for all BSR countries, showing the actual use of and meaning behind the most relevant planning terms in English specific for the BSR, and making it general available.
Professionals and practitioners in transnational spatial development activities get the opportunity to get trained or rather to qualify themselves for a better capability of trans-sector analysis systems and approaches in other BSR countries with special focus on regional/ local actors.