Comparison of Planning Systems available

In addition to the description and practical examples of all 11 BSR planning systems there is newly available the comparison of planning systems:

The tool is a matrix composed of more than 60 questions (assorted in 5 principal themes and divided into 33 sub-themes), which were answered country-specific according to the respective planning system conditions. More than 600 answers can be displayed individually for single, several or all countries, allowing a direct comparison. In addition the whole matrix is available as Excel-file and as several pdfs files.

The answers additionally contain direct links to more information on this website on specific words, phrases or the issues mentioned in the answer. It is therefore also a very valuable tool to learn more about single countries' planning systems, its instruments and functioning and to compare and differentiate them to/ from other countries.

Enjoy exploring your individual comparison of the 11 BSR planning systems!

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