New downloads: Glossaries and practical examples

The national glossaries of all 11 BSR countries, each with 150-350 terms incl. definitions in national as well as English language, are now available as download (pdf). Please select the flag symbol or country name of a single country in the national glossary section to get access to the download (at the end of the introductory text) for the respective country.

As a supplement to the texts on national planning systems for all 11 BSR countries there are now practical examples available for most countries in a separate section. The remaining will follow. 3-18 practical examples per country can be selected for download (pdf) in English language. For single countries practical examples are additionally available in the respective national language. An overview of those more than 50 practical examples can be chosen either per country and alternatively per (planning) level.

Newly available is also Information on the constitutional, political and administrative systems of Poland and Denmark as well as of the Planning System of Poland.

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