Comparison of BSR Planning Systems

The Comparison of Planning Systems is the result of an intensive working process among the COMMIN project partners.

While trying to find an approach to make the heterogenous planning systems comparable, the partners came up with the attempt to elaborate a matrix composed of questions on certain principal themes and sub-themes which were supposed to be answered by each country according to the respective country's conditions.

To elaborate the final matrix for the Comparison of Planning Systems, an extra 2-day-workshop was held in Hamburg on January 23rd - 24th 2007.

The 5 principal themes the partners agreed upon are:

The questions drafted by the project partners were assorted to sub-themes. Each principal theme is composed of 5-10 sub-themes, which again contain 1-4 questions.
In total, 62 questions were formulated. 

The principal theme "Participation" set up the special feature that questions had to be answered for 4 planning levels (exception Germany: 5 levels):

  • national level,
  • regional level,
  • local master level,
  • local detail level

Therefore, the theme "Participation" is structured slightly different from the preceding principal themes. Have fun to explore it!

Introduction: How to use the Comparison of Planning Systems?

There are two ways to use the Comparison of Planning Systems: A= interactively on the web; B= download as pdfs/ Excel-file

A: To choose a question and the answer(s), you need to

  1. click on a principal theme (I.-V. above or in light blue box at left side), then 
  2. select a sub-theme. Having done so, the respective question(s) will appear. 
  3. Click on the question you would like to receive an answer for. All 11 countries´ flags will be shown.
  4. With another click on a flag, you will be led to the respective country´s answer.
  5. Alternatively, you can also click "select all" in order to get an overview of all answers given by the countries. 
  6. To compare an answer to other countries' statements, simply click on the other countries' flags you are interested in.
  7. There you are! The Comparison of Planning Systems.

B: The Comparison of Planning Systems is also available for download:

COMMIN Planning Systems_total (xls, 472 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems_total (pdf, 428 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems 1_National constitutions and planning systems (pdf, 181 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems 2_Planning national level (pdf, 160 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems 3_Planning regional level (pdf, 155 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems 4_Planning municipal and local level (pdf, 220 KB)
COMMIN Planning Systems 5_Participation (pdf, 247 KB)