1.7. Significance of transnational and trans-border aspects

The Republic of Belarus borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian Federation, and the Ukraine.
One of the priorities of bilateral relationships of Belarus-Poland, Belarus-Lithuania, Belarus-Latvia, Belarus-Ukraine is specifying of a strategy for balanced development of bordering territories, elaboration of joint programs and projects at the international, regional and local levels of territorial arrangement of neighbor countries. There are bilateral commissions on trade and economic co-operation with all above mentioned countries.
According to the decision of bilateral Belarusian-Lithuanian commission on trade and economic co-operation the Conception of trans-border spatial development of Belarus and Lithuania was worked out. This document concludes validated proposals for state authorities of regional and local level. The proposals point at efficient and coordinated development of engineering and technical, custom, transport, social, tourists and recreational infrastructures with neighboring countries.

The outcome of co-operation between Belarus and Poland is development and approval of "Forecast of spatial development of bordering regions of Belarus and Poland until the year 2015" as well as particular projects which have mutual interest. The same works are carrying out within the framework of co-operation with Ukraine.
Trans-border aspects are considered when planning documentation is developed.