The Danish Planning Act was changed in 2005 in connection with a reform of the local government structure. The local government reform entered into force January 1 2007. With the reform, the former 271 municipalities transformed into 98 big municipalities. The counties have been replaced by 5 administrative regions. The competences of the state and the municipal level have been strengthened while the regional level has gotten a more strategic function without any direct planning competences.

The Ministry of the Environment has described the new Danish planning system anno 2007. The publication is called "Spatial planning in Denmark "(pdf, 5.38 MB). It is warmly recommended to read this document to get a throrough picture of the the Danish planning system.     

The new Planning Act in Denmark entered into force in of June 2007 (in Danish). In October 2007 it was also published in English (pdf, 274 KB)

The following articles can provide you with an introduction to the new planning context in Denmark:

You can also learn more by reading "The 2006 national planning report - in brief"

Planning Levels Denmark

National level

The Minister for the Environment may influence decentralized planning through national planning initiatives. The state may veto the planning of municipalities. Regional planning authorities uphold national interests. Planning decisions may be appealed to the Nature Protection Board of Appeal. Only the legal issues in planning decision may be appealed.

Regional Level

The regional planning authorities are responsible for the regional planning which is strategic planning, not a zoning plan.

Municipal and local Level

The municipal councils are responsible for comprehensive municipal planning, detailed local planning and permits for construction and changes in land use in rural zones.