2.1 Acts and Legislation

2.1.1 Acts

In addition to the Planning Act, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management System Act regulates the assessment of the likely effects of the implementation of plans. Today (April 2006), work is in progress to fully include all impact assessment regulations in the Planning Act.

2.1.2 Regulations Based on Planning Act

In the Planning Act, a delegation norm has been granted for issuing a regulation of the Government of the Republic, which establishes the list of objects of significant spatial impact.
In the Planning Act, another delegation norm has been granted, according to which the local governments may establish the Building Regulation of the city or rural municipality. The Building Regulation of a rural municipality or city is established in order to provide the general principles and rules for planning and building in the rural municipality or city or parts thereof and to determine the division of the internal functions of the local government in administration in the field of planning and building. In general words, the PLA states that all proceedings and decisions during the preparation of a plan will be carried out by the local government; the role of the Building Regulation is to designate, based on the content/weight of the decision:

  • Whether the decision is carried out by the city/rural municipality government, council or department;
  • Which are the deadlines for the proceedings within the city/rural municipality;
  • What are the detailed rules for the proceedings of preparation of comprehensive plan and detailed plan;
  • How are the procedures related to the design and building of construction works organized.

2.1.3 The Structure of Planning Act

The structure of the Planning Act gives a relatively good overview of what and to which extent is regulated in the Planning Act. Presenting the structure of the Act by paragraphs would be too voluminous, therefore it is hereby presented by chapters:

Chapter 1. General Provisions (1 - 5)
Chapter 2. Types of Plan (6 - 9)
Chapter 3. Preparation of Plan and Public Participation (10 - 22)
Chapter 4. Supervision of Preparation of Plans. Adoption and Repeal of Plans (23 - 29)
Chapter 5. Transfer of Immovables to Implement Adopted Plans (30, 31)
Chapter 6. Specifications for Planning of Objects of National Importance ( 32 - 34)
Chapter 7. Implementation of Act (i.e. amendment of other acts related to planning and the deadlines of the tasks and entry into force) ( 35 - 47)