3.1 Administrative Organisation of Planning

According to the Act, administration and supervision of planning activities at national level is within the competence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, while administration and supervision of planning activities in a county is within the competence of the county governor. Hereby it is important to note that in Estonian law, county governor is indicated as an institution instead of county government.
In Estonia, planning is in the area of the Ministry of Internal Affairs since May 2004. Before that time it was overseen by the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is the only ministry in Estonia which has two ministers. Police, border guards and rescue issues are handled by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Population census issues, local government administration, regional development and spatial planning are lead by the Minister of Regional Affairs.
Administration of planning activities within the administrative territory of a rural municipality or city is within the competence of the local government. The local government shall:
  • Ensure that there are plans which serve as the basis for land use and building;
  • Ensure, as a prerequisite for adoption of a plan, that the interests of interested persons are taken into consideration in a balanced manner;
  • Ensure that adopted plans are adhered to.
During the cooperation for the preparation of a plan, a ministry, county governor or local government that is in charge of the preparation of the plan has to involve state authorities whose interests may be affected by the plan. The plan will be concerted with state authorities. Before the adoption of a plan, the supervision of the preparation of a county plan will be carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the county governor supervises the preparation of a local plan. The role of local governments and state authorities during the preparation of plan is given in detail in the descriptions of the proceedings for each type of a plan.