4.1 Hierarchy of planning levels

To portray a clear system of the relationship between levels of plans is fairly difficult. First, a system of dividing plans into levels is twofold. Second, plans of different types "complete" that system of levels differently. Third, in describing the relation between plans, some post-statutory acts do not indicate which of two systems of level division they have in mind at that moment.

Still, in trying to do so, it is possible to trace the following principles.
The solutions of master plans shall not contradict the solutions of a higher level of the master plan. In this regulation there are certain nuances: it perfectly matches to the master plan of a municipality. The solutions of the county plan shall not contradict the Master (General) Plan of the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania; they have to implement and detail it.

There is no hierarchy of plans in the type of detailed planning (there exist only one the lowest level of the type of detailed plans). Hence there cannot be any relation between the levels of detailed planning at all. Detailed plans are only subordinate to other plans of different types.
It is very difficult to determine the general features of a hierarchical relationship of special plans. The Law on Territorial Planning does not say anything about it. The drawing up of special plans (each sphere differently) is regulated by separate regulations applied to them. They define the hierarchical relationship of plans of the regulated sector differently. For example, the Regulations for preparation of special plans of territories of objects of cultural heritage and their protection zones in accordance with the size of the territory under planning and the level of solution concretization indicate three levels, though they do not describe their relationship directly. It is true that speaking about preparation of these plans, Regulations say that "The solutions of the plan shall not... contradict other valid documents of territorial planning, registered in the territorial planning documents register..." are submitted for co-ordination. One would conclude that in this sphere the most important role is played by the plan which has been prepared first (no depending on its level).