2.1. Legal framework of planning

The essential law on spatial planning is the above mentioned RF Urban Development Code of 2004, other acts of all levels now are valid as far, as they do not contradict to the Code. Urban Development Code stipulates:
  • competencies of different public levels in the urban planning and development activity;
  • purposes, content, procedures of preparation, approval, representation to public, adoption and implementation of different documents (territorial planning schemes of different levels, master plans, land use and development codes, land planning documentation, design documentation);
  • general obligations regarding the conduct of data systems in the field;
  • the responsibility for infraction of the law;
  • peculiarities regarding urban planning and land development activity at cities of federal importance (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg).
To the urban planning and land development activity may be applied legislation on land, on forests and waters, on natural areas under special protection, on historic monuments preservation, other RF legal acts, in cases, the respective relations are not regulated by urban planning and land development legislation. At each level of public bodies there are structures, responsible for urban planning and land development activity, as working out of strategies, adoption of relevant documents, implementation and control at all phases.