3. Planning levels and specific aspects




planning institution(s), scopebinding character

planning process



sectoral planning


sectoral planning


sectoral planning


sectoral planning


national level

The Government













Government agencies

         Prepares proposals for legislation

         Decides on ordinances for the application of laws

         Decides on the distribution of resources for infrastructure investments

         Decides on whether appealed plans can be formally established


         Provide advice and guidance for planning


         Are responsible for the presentation of national interests in accordance with the Environmental Code


         Draws up plans for roads, railroads, etc.


         Public information

         Directed hearings










         Public information.

         Public participation in infra-structure planning

         Does not produce any plans for the use of land and water areas








         Do not produce any plans for the use of land and water areas

         Establishes plans for roads, railways, harbours, airports








         Plans for roads, railways, etc that are both  general in nature and preparatory for production 





















         Water, energy





















         Education, health, social welfare, culture


regional level

County administrative boards







County councils








         Advice and guidance for planning

         Responsibility for providing details for the national interests according to the Environmental Code

         Provides a statement for the comprehensive plan

         Ensures that detailed development plans do not contravene national interests etc.

         Deals with appealed detailed development plans


         Are normally responsible for public transport

         The Stockholm County Council is responsible for regional planning in the county



         General information to the public















         Regional planning in Stockholm County follows detailed rules on public participation



         Do not produce any plans for the use of land and water areas












         The regional plan in Stockholm County





         Do not produce physical sectoral plans





sub-regional/ local level

The municipalities

         Are responsible for the planning of land and water areas


         Follows detailed rules on public participation


         Produces comprehensive plans, detailed comprehensive plans, detailed development plans, area regulations and give building permits

         Also produces sectoral plans for housing provision, streets, water, energy, schools, etc.