Practical Examples

In addition to information given in comparable text text structure, practical examples illustrate in fact sheets how planning practice is implemented in the 11 BSR countries. Selected examples give a deeper view on single aspects, mainly on planning instruments at different planning levels.

For some countries, practical examples are not only provided in English language but additionally in national language! 

Please select and download practical examples of the BSR countrie(s) you like to learn more about. You can either choose the overview of practical examples assorted by planning level or assorted by nation. The planning levels were defined as 

  • National Level
  • Regional Level
  • District Level
  • Local Level
The "District level" summarizes planning levels named "municipal" or "county" level.
Please note that this categorization is not meant as rigidly defined levels: in several cases you will find out that concerning each country´s specific planning system, a level can be missing or an additional level can be found!
So far more than 60 different practical examples have been compiled by the project partners. Enjoy to explore them!