Project idea "ReACCt"

Regional Action facing Changing Climate 

Presentations at Riga Workshop

Decision for Offspring (ppt, 159 KB)

Living conditions (ppt, 1.10 MB)

Chritical Birth Phase (ppt, 1.05 MB)

Family and Friends (ppt, 865 KB)

Important Characteristics (ppt, 1.08 MB)

Financing of Life (ppt, 1.12 MB)

Project Draft (ppt, 1.17 MB)


Documents for Workshop in Riga (March 12th/13th 2008)

Travel information (pdf, 1.38 MB)

Agenda (pdf, 185 KB)

Preparation for discussions and topics (Word, 593 KB)

Riga intermediate participants list (Excel, 106 KB) 


Current Material on the project

Further developed project idea (project content and project name is still subject to be changed during discussions between potential project partners):

Project description of January 17th 2008 (pdf, 713 KB)

Project diagramm of January 17th 2008 (pdf, 68 KB)

List of involved potential partners of March 19th 2008 (Excel, 26 KB)


Material from the Lead Applicant Seminar April 2nd-3rd in Hamburg

-presentations available here


Material on the Baltic Sea Programme 2007-2007 

Operational Programme (pdf, 4.95 MB)

Programme Manual (pdf, 2.75 MB)

Application Form (pdf, 341 KB)

Guide to fill in Application Form (pdf, 74 KB)

Partner Declaration (Word, 95 KB)


Older material:

Here you may download presentations held and material provided at BSR INTERREG IVB Partner Search Forum in Turku on September 14th 2007:

Presentation ReACCt short version

Presentation ReACCt long version

Description ReACCt short version

Description ReACCt long version  


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