Training Programme Jyväskylä

Within the COMMIN project phase four training courses (3-days) have been carried out by the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, School of Business Administration. In addition two Summer Schools were jointly organised and implemented by the City of Jyväskylä together with Helsinki University of Technology and the International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP) .
Detailed training information and material can be downloaded below.

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I. Summaries

Training Activities in Jyväskylä (ppt, 3.22 MB)


Memorandum of trainings evaluation (pdf, 196 KB)

European Glossary terms used at trainings (pdf, 242 KB)

Feedback Summary of COMMIN training participants in Jyväskylä using Digitum Enterprise system (pdf, 253 KB)

II. Training Sessions 

Challenges of Urban and Regional Development, March 16th -18th 2005

Training Programme 16.-18.3.2005 (doc, 146 KB)

COMMIN Participants 16.-18.3.2005 (xls, 32 KB)


Innovation and Regional Economic Development, June 1st - 3rd 2005

Training Programme 1.-3.6.2005 (doc, 147 KB)

COMMIN Participants 1.-3.6.2005 (xls, 43 KB)

Feedback Participants 1.-3.6.2005 (pdf, 41 KB)


National, Regional and Interregional Programmes for Developing Excellence -Initiatives, Experiences and Good Practices, November 30th – December 2nd 2005

Training Programme 30.11.-2.12.2005 (pdf, 187 KB)


Spatial Planning and Regional Development in Europe - Past. Present and Future; April 6th -8th 2006

Training Programme 6.-8.4.2006 (doc, 147 KB)

Training 6.-8.4.2006 Finnish description (doc, 741 KB)

COMMIN Participants 6.-8.4.2006 (xls, 880 KB)

European Regional and Structural Policy, Petri Haapalainen (ppt, 640 KB)



Summer School Programme 2005 (xls, 24 KB)



Summer School Programme 2006 (xls, 24 KB)

Summer School 2006 Final Report (pdf, 8.47 MB)

Press Release International Summer School 2006 (pdf, 23 KB)

Summer School 2006 newspaper article (pdf, 3.55 MB)